1960 Triumph Herald Convertible
After almost two years of restoration my Triumph Herald convertible is finished. This car was built 2 April 1960. It was the 175th convertible built. Everything possible has been done to restore the car to its original condition. We matched the original color as best we could, by using protected surfaces as a guide. The interior seats and door cards were dirty, but original, so they were preserved. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. Thanks to Dave Zornig for the photos!
Herald 009
Herald 010
Herald 011
Herald 012
Herald 013
Herald 014
Herald 015
Herald 016
Herald 018
Herald 019
Herald 020
Herald 021
Herald 022
Herald 023
Herald 024
Herald 025
Herald 026
Herald 027
Herald 040
Herald 041
Herald 042
Herald 043
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